Press Release      14:40 IST     10th April 2020

An update regarding COVID-19

With the situation having completely evolved from what it was just three months ago, due to COVID-19, the livelihoods of everyone have been affected, to say the least, some who have had their lives completely upended. Specifically, the current situation in India and across the world is of pressing concern, and an urgent response is needed. Out of a population of 1.3 billion, slightly over 450 million of them are daily wage earners, which means they make a measly 175 rupees per day on average ( That unfortunately also means they have no savings to rely on, and nothing to fall back on during this lockdown. There is a Bloomberg article that summarises the impact the lockdown has had on them. 


Right now, the ongoing need of the hour by far displaces any other time. In this difficult period, resources need to be redirected to those at the epicenter of this epidemic and the most vulnerable members of our society. Moreover, from my own personal experiences, the results are most fruitful when such resources are specifically targetted to a problem rather than a general-purpose solution. 


Today, Cosaint is continuing its pledge to empower and defend any affected communities, and is committing INR 10 Crore (100 Million Indian Rupees) for three specific agendas: 

  • Sheltering homes (permanent and temporary) to provide a place to live for anyone who has been rendered homeless

  • Soup kitchens providing food to anyone and everyone and make sure they continue doing so without any hindrance 

  • Protective equipment for medical personnel who are risking their own lives by being on the frontline of the battle against the virus


We are committed alongside our partners, investors and the government as we stand united to fight through this deadlock. We must fight this with resolve, empathy, steadfastness, and understanding; and I know we will get through this together. 





Dev Ojha

Co-Founder, Cosaint Technologies